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Sophisticated Gift Shopping in Downtown Athens

Sophisticated Gift Shopping in Downtown Athens

Before leaving Athens, make sure you experience shopping around Syntagma Square and the posh area of Kolonaki, where retail spots are refined, fun, and easier to locate. In the realm of luxury, global brands Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, Dior, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Cartier, Chopard, Bulgari, Hogan, and Balenciaga maintain their own standalone boutiques on prestigious downtown Athenian addresses. The rest of the international high-end brands can more or less be found at local multi-brand stores Luisa World and Enny di Monaco, as well as the Attica City Link department store. Yet if you are mostly looking for Greek designers and products that will secure you some admirable souvenirs from this very unique destination, then go through the list of the coolest Greek shops that display an amazing range of art, design, fashion, and beauty treasures along with delicacies. Museum shops are a perfect source of sophisticated souvenirs, and that also applies to galleries, antique shops, and Greek designer flagship stores. Keep in mind that except for museums and some shops at the historic center (around Acropolis), most stores are closed on Sundays and in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays.

B & E Goulandris Foundation Shop

On the ground floor of the only private western contemporary art museum in Athens that just opened its doors in October 2019 as the legacy of an art-loving couple who owned a $3bn-worth collection of important works by the great masters in painting and sculpture, you can shop for exclusive functional and decorative items echoing visuals from the exact original works that are exhibited in the museum. For example, you will definitely be thrilled to have a mug, candle, or tray depicting one of Van Gogh’s paintings belonging to the museum or a limited edition plate by a renowned Greek artist. The range of items covers décor, stationery, fashion, jewelry, and more. Such collaborations with often local manufacturers reach top-tier museum shop standards internationally, which allow us to rank it as the #1 museum shop currently in Athens. 13 Eratosthenous Str, Athens, 11635. Phone: +30 210 7252895

Museum of Cycladic Art Shop

The uniquely themed Cycladic museum and its fabulous neoclassical building in Kolonaki provide you with another interesting option for souvenir shopping. Items inspired by Cycladic and ancient Greek art give a historical touch to the offerings. Some of them reiterate aesthetics that feel timeless over the last thousands of years, and others are just replicas of the iconic ancient figurines and pottery pieces. You will also find decorative kitchenware and gifts for kids. Special-edition items are also created to complete the experience of limited-time exhibits, such as a previous one on ‘Picasso and Antiquity’. 4 Neophytou Douka Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10674. Phone: +30 210 7228321-3

Image: Benaki Museum Shop,

Benaki Museum Shop

Designer items and replicas themed after the museum’s permanent collection and current exhibitions will get your attention after a fascinating visit to this elegant neoclassical museum dedicated to Greek culture from ancient to contemporary times. From symbolic gifts to really precious ones such as silverware and jewelry, this shop’s offerings meet the needs of the most discerning visitor. 1 Koumbari St. & Vas. Sofias Ave., Kolonaki, Athens. Phone: +30 210 3671045,210 3671002

Acropolis Museum Shops

With two museum shops and a wide selection of products, including reproductions of originals and special-edition commemorative coins, the most important museum of Athens on the foothills of the Acropolis, in direct view of the Parthenon temple, is surely another great spot for some thoughtful consumption. Your friends and family will be excited to receive such gifts.  15 Dionysiou Areopagitou St, Acropolis, Athens, 11742. Phone: +30 210 9000900

Theocharakis Foundation Artshop

On the same elegant avenue as the Cycladic and the Benaki Museum, the Artshop inside the neoclassical building of this private cultural foundation showcases a variety of interesting decorative items, jewelry pieces, and reproductions of works of art. Located near Syntagma Square and the fashionable neighborhood of Kolonaki, this shop on the ground floor is a recommended stop.  9 Vasilissis Sofias Ave. & Merlin Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10671. Phone: +30 210 3611206

Apivita Experience Store

For visitors from all over the world who are already hooked on these amazing natural beauty and wellness products, this concept store is real magic. Their cosmetics combine naturally derived active ingredients, extracts from plants of the Greek nature, beehive products of high nutritional value, and organic essential oils. Based on an ancient Greek holistic approach, each product has multiple actions: hydration, protection from environmental aggressors, prevention and treatment of signs of aging or other problems, invigoration, and relief from stress. Since 1972, this brand has been pioneering research in that field. Hair, body, and face care, along with products for children and gift sets, are offered in a space that includes a spa, a hair salon, and a juice bar. 6 Solonos & Kanari Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10673. Phone: +30 2103640560

GB Corner Gifts & Flavors

On the ground floor of the most historic hotel in Athens, you will find a very tasteful and eclectic gift shop for those tempted by beauty, fashion, gourmet, and haute pâtisserie. Explore the intoxicating variety of delicacies by the ‘top-10 chocolatier in France’ chef Arnaud Larher and a selection of finest quality designer fashion. Additionally, The ‘Grande Dame’ of luxury accommodation in Athens created a wide range of signature products – from its famous GB Teddy Doorman to its indigenous palette of local flavors, custom home fragrances, and bath amenities.  1 Vasileos Georgiou A, Syntagma Square Str, Athens, 10564. Phone: +30 210 3330750

Mastiha Shop

Based on the beneficial properties of mastiha, a rare type of resin naturally possible to be harvested only in the Greek island of Chios from a shrub that ironically grows in other Mediterranean countries too; this brand produces a wide range of products that are internationally acclaimed since 2002. Unprocessed mastiha ‘tears’ or gum that can be chewed with medically proven benefits for your digestive system are also available in sleek branded packaging. The line has expanded to cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, delicacies, and the infamous mastiha liqueur you should all try at least once. The selection is complemented with fun gift packaging options. 6 Panepistimiou & Kriezotou Str, Athens, 10671. Phone: +30 210 3632750

Ancient Greek Sandals

Praised by the Business of Fashion for its successful development and strategy, the brand that sells worldwide more Grecian sandals than anybody else in the market opened in 2019 its flagship store in Athens, although Americans are the greatest part of its clientele. Way more than 100.000 pairs are being sold annually via their website, other online stockists, and physical retail points globally. As expected, their tasteful brick-and-mortar boutique is already a meeting point for fashionistas from all over the world who want to rock the original sandals on the beach in the Athenian Riviera or the islands in the summer. The collection has recently been enriched with handbags and accessories. 1 Kolokotroni Str, Athens, 10562. Phone: +30 210 3255485, +30 210 3230938

Thalassa Collection

With career milestones at the highest-profile couture ateliers in Paris – including that of Christian Lacroix – the super elegant Greek designer duo behind this eclectic brand – is creating the finest quality silk ties and pocket squares, as well as cashmere, wool, and silk scarves for men and women, decorated with exciting and ultra-chic custom prints such as the letters of the Greek alphabet, the Trojan horses, the traditional tsarouhi shoes, the ancient Greek Amphora vessels, the Cycladic houses, and the ‘evil eye’ motifs. You will find two of their ties in Prince Charles of Wales’ wardrobe, who actually posed with Naomi Campbell wearing one at a gala in 2018. From their always show-stopping window installations to the decor of their tiny boutique and the understated glamour of their envelope- or briefcase-shaped packaging, this place in Kolonaki, in the heart of Athens, exudes an incredible taste level. They also have beachwear for men with the same prints on! 30-32 Patriarchou Ioakim Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10675. Phone: +30 2107258525

i-D Fine Jewellery

Founded in 2013 by Irene Deros, a cosmopolitan traveler and luxury retail specialist, this newly renovated multi-brand fine jewelry boutique in Kolonaki embodies the founder’s values, aesthetics, and dedication to the creative spirit of fine jewelry designers. The boutique showcases a diverse range of fine jewelry designers, including Christina Soubli, Dolly Boucoyannis, Elina Afentaki, Ioanna Souflia, Charlotte Chesnais, Nada Ghazal, and Elie Top. The redevelopment of the space, undertaken in collaboration with the inspiring interior designer Ioanna Galanos, was executed with meticulous attention to detail, emphasizing the correct presentation of each exclusive piece of jewelry. Reflecting the rich Greek jewelry tradition dating back to the Ancient and Byzantine eras, the boutique features a vibrant and creative group of contemporary Greek designers. Additionally, a curated selection of internationally coveted designers known for their unique craftsmanship, design, and elegance complements the collection, offering an extensive range of exquisite jewelry pieces. 12 Kanari & Sekeri Str, 10674, Kolonaki, Athens. Phone: +30 210 3221801

Image: Marianna Petridi boutique, Athens,

Marianna Petridi

After studying jewelry techniques and design in Florence, Italy, and over the last 25 years, she maintains a simple but meaningful retail space or better ‘gallery’ in a narrow posh street in Kolonaki where you will find original pieces by an array of Greek and international designers – including her daughter – in the fine and costume jewelry categories. Everything is hand-picked meticulously to reflect an eclectic style alluding to the local cultural heritage of goldsmiths and silversmiths. Her packaging is also very cool and characteristic. 34 Charitos Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10675. Phone +30 2107217789

Lito Boutique

Described as ‘Cabinet de Curiosités’, her atelier-boutique in Kolonaki is an aesthetic representation of her sculpture studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris and technical drawing ones at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfevrerie. Since 1999 this space has showcased neo-romantic and modern jewelry pieces inspired by her travels to unexpected destinations – from India to Japan, Egypt, and Russia. Some of her creations have been featured on models at the fashion shows of Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier couture and RTW. Her work is also included in Olivier Dupon’s book by Thames & Hudson Ltd titled The New Jewellers – an anthology of rising talent in the field of jewelry creation across the globe., Luisa via Roma in Florence, and Boutique1 in London are among her stockists. Her ‘evil eye’ pieces are coveted among fashionistas. 25 Irodotou Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10674. Phone: +30 210 7295177

Zoumboulakis Galleries

After its first antique store in 1912, the Zoumboulakis family inaugurated in 1966 one of their historic art galleries, destined to shake the artistic world in Athens. Collaborations with contemporary high-profile Greek artists – including those with impressive careers abroad – and international names in the market such as Zaha Hadid and Philippe Starck place this gallery group at the forefront of the local art scene. Design houses Cappellini, Tina Frey, Astier De Villatte, and Les Etains du Campanile have been exclusively represented by this cool and unpretentious gallery.  6 Kriezotou Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10671. Phone: +30 210 3634454, +30 210 3640264

Image: Eleni Marneri Galerie, Athens,

Eleni Marneri Galerie

Located on the southern outskirts of the Acropolis, it is a modern space that traverses the visible trail of a villa urbana – an urban villa – of late antiquity. Over the last three decades, initially, as the first gallery in Greece to exclusively feature contemporary art jewelry, it is shaping the local art scene. Its designers work with traditional materials such as metal and gemstones, as well as materials that are still foreign to the more general perception of jewelry, such as plastic and paper. Additionally, the gallery hosts, in the field of products of rare utility and aesthetic value, the cosmetics of the 1612 Florentine perfumery and soap maker Santa Maria Novella, the award-winning international collections of Anassa Greek beverages, and the tender, imaginative series of objects for children and infants designed by Greek and foreign artists. 5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou Str, Athens, 11742. Phone: +302108619488

Founded in 1981 as a place to host important Greek artists of the 30s generation, this contemporary art gallery has a unique selection of gifts to pick from at its Art Shop in Kolonaki, the neighborhood with the largest number of galleries and art spaces in Athens. With local up-and-coming talent in its collection, it will dramatically expand your options about ‘something special.’ 4 Skoufa Str, Kolonaki, Athens, 10673. Phone: +30 210 3643025

Modernon A Retrosexual Movement

It all started with a family business in electronics repair back in 1958 in downtown Athens. Heir to this nostalgic space, Joe Petropoulos (aka Joe Pe), an industrial designer and design historian, leads a team doing historical research on 20th-century design. In this store, you will find the coolest and most unexpected objects from the 20s, 80s, and 90s. His forte is the original mid-century modern elements. In a fashionably grungy neighborhood called Agia Eirini (Saint Irene) – quite near the art-savvy Perianth boutique hotel – get the opportunity to indulge in past decades’ paraphernalia. Besides furniture that is impossible to carry in your luggage (but perhaps you can ship back home), check their lights and lamps, electric appliances, vintage electronic gadgets, and decorative items, which are fully operational and preserved by hand, to maintain their authenticity. This store is a real treasure trove of pop culture. 3 Agias Irinis Str, Athens, 10551, Greece. Phone: +30 210 5451553

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